“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any”

– Alice Walker

You want to step into all your power

so that you can use your voice and rise, finding and breaking through that glass ceiling, but you’re frustrated with where you are, with your current situation and your experiences so far. You want to reprogramme that inner critic and bring out your empowering inner coach.

Sound familiar?

But you’re worried….

that your efforts will result in failure, or success – either of which will upend your life (and yes, you’ll experience plenty of both).

And so you procrastinate so you can stay still, stay comfortable, stay safe.

You struggle to…

express your self because you’re constantly being told that you’re doing it wrong. And you can’t quite shake the imposter syndrome. So you stay quiet, stifling your ideas, feelings, needs and desires.

It’s time to look at what is holding you back…

“I am magic

I know it

I own it

I walk it”

― Malebo Sephodi

Change can be hard, but I’m here to walk beside you whilst it happens.

For years we’ve been told to be strong and to be silent. Coping with what life gives us. As a Black woman, there were so many times when, even with my voice, I felt silenced and erased. I was afraid to take up space. I was so good at encouraging others to do that, but failing to address it within me.


It’s time to give yourself permission to change

It’s okay to show up as you

“Caring for myself is not an act of self indulgence, it’s self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare”
– Audre Lorde

I’ve been working with people for over 10 years, mentoring and coaching them to reach further than they imagined. All the while I neglected to pay attention to me and where I was headed. I read books, googled, and eventually listened to podcasts waiting for the work to be done within me. It doesn’t happen like that. I knew it didn’t happen like that, but still that’s what I did. Until I realised that I needed someone to challenge my thinking and allow me to give myself permission to soar. It was time to go to work.

The world we live in is undergoing change. It’s not an easy time and it brings with it pain. It’s time to position yourself and embrace it.

By working with me, you will allow yourself space to grieve, and space to breathe

All the while, I’ll be holding you safely whilst kicking your butt

This is an opportunity to create the change that you want.

If you want focused time with me, one-on-one, to transform your life…

If you’re ready to get away from comfortable, find your voice and take a leap

Do you do pregnancy coaching

Yes. It’s a wonderful combination of both of my loves. Coaching and birth.

Do you coach white people

Yes. I do.

Do you offer payment plans

My preference is payment in full, but it’s always worth asking.

What happens if I cancel a session

If there’s an opportunity, you should reschedule immediately. You will not be refunded for missed or cancelled. The only exception is if you are a pregnancy/birth coaching client who has gone into labour.

Are there any face to face options

Not at present.

What are your coaching credentials

I am a certified Life Coach with The Life Coach School

What is the structure of the sessions

The sessions last 45 minutes and are based on what you bring to coach on. There is often homework in the form of reflection and journalling

How accessible are you if I get stuck or need to talk things through urgently

You have limited access outside of our sessions, that I offer as a courtesy and trust you not to overuse

Do you offer VIP coaching


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