Healing the World, One Black-Bodied Woman at a Time


“Mars is a unique example of the capacity to hold space. As a Black-bodied woman, she has experienced the limits society places on us firsthand.

So she knows how to coach you through those limits, those untruths, that we have internalised from a misogynistic point of view. She is not only adept at seeing these things, but then nurturing you through the process of birthing into a new identity in a very compassionate way. That’s Mars.”

My Journey to Becoming a Coach

I started my career as a doula and birth advocate, working primarily with Black- and Brown-Bodied women to help them navigate the birthing process.

What I loathe about the healthcare industry is the same thing I help my coaching clients navigate today – the erasure of Black-bodied women, who are constantly being shoved to the side or to the bottom.

If they are seen at all.

My coaching centers on them because I want to help them feel seen and heard and held.

But, it took me a while to embrace the title “coach” because I was a complete skeptic at first. It seemed like the Emperor’s New Clothes, and people were just saying, “Look at me! I’m a coach! Give me all your money, and you can earn six figures, seven figures like me…”

I just thought I can have this conversation with a girlfriend over wine. But my business coach made me go beyond the superficial. She showed me that it was about who I was, who I wanted to be, and how I could make real tangible change in the lives of other Black-bodied women.

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