What People Are Saying


“I really love Mars’ coaching because she calls me out out. She calls me out on my bullshit, and that’s exactly what I wanted in a coach. Someone who can compassionately hold me but assertively reflect back to me the shenanigans that I’m getting up to in my inner world, my narratives, and my false beliefs. Which has been so generative for what I’m trying to create in the world. If you have an ambition or something you want to create in the world, get Mars to support you in getting out of your own way. Because that’s what Mars has done for me.”

“She helped me get out of my own way. I wanted to achieve things; I wanted to be a success. But I was giving lots of excuses as to why I couldn’t. I didn’t think I deserved it. I didn’t think I was good enough. But working with Mars, she helped me realise, we all have these amazing skills and talents, and there’s no point in us hiding our light behind a bushel when we need to step up, step out, and shine.”




“Mars is a unique example of the capacity to hold space. As a Black-bodied woman, she has experienced the limits society places on us firsthand.

So she knows how to coach you through those limits, those untruths, that we have internalised from a misogynistic point of view. She is not only adept at seeing these things, but then nurturing you through the process of birthing into a new identity in a very compassionate way. That’s Mars.”

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